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Monday, June 26, 2006

'Have you checked the children lately?'
~ When A Stranger Calls, 1979

Summer Daze
Author Henry James said his two favorite words in the English language were 'summer afternoon'. Old Hank apparently never spent time with two teenagers on a rainy summer afternoon.
For my birthday, I received this card that sums up how I feel on certain summer days. They are everywhere and nowhere. They hover over you when you are trying to work, but just try to lay hands on one of them to do a chore and they are nowhere to be found. They eat all day, but have forgotten where the dishwasher is. They are unfamiliar with the concept, 'what is filled up, must be emptied out' (dishwasher and the trashcan). They fix themselves at least fourteen drinks per day, but never finish one. They are bored, they are too busy. They are tired, they won't go to bed. They are hungry, they don't know what they want to eat. They are happy school is out, they can't wait for school to start.

"It will not always be summer," said Hesiod, 8th century B.C. Greek poet.

Thank the gods for that.

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