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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Things to Do While Waiting

So I have come up with something else to do while I wait for you to come home. As you know, one blog leads to another and still another, and while strolling through them the other day, I stumbled on something I really liked.

BooksforSoldiers is a website where I can post a list of all those books crammed three deep on my shelves, stacked on the tables and piled on the floor. I have long wanted to do something to 'weed them out' and this is perfect. Not only can I weed out some of these books (to free up space for more, of course), but I can do TWO of my favorite things: pass beloved books along to others AND make a soldier's life a tiny bit better even for a moment. Everyone wins. Hallelujah.

When does THAT ever happen?


The Volleyball Club is officially official. It only takes making a T-shirt to make something official, you know. There has been so much enthusiasm here at home about the club, I am afraid we'll run out of shirts.

"Serve and Defend"

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