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Saturday, July 08, 2006

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." ~ A Streetcar Named Desire ~ 1951

Perhaps you have been thinking you would like to do something for a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. Lots of you have done things for Heidi and I am eternally grateful. Heidi is blessed with family and friends who love her and look out for her, but she tells me there are other soldiers serving who never get mail or a package from home.

I found this email on the Books for Soldiers website.

Caleb Davis
A Co 141 LTF 41st BCT
Camp Phoenix Afghanistan
APO AE 09320

Davis writes:

We have a library, but it's full of nothing but romance novels. We have no good books. We'd like war books, also any military type, also history, fiction and action.

Street bike magazines would be great.We would take any entertainment: DVDs (we'd even watch chick flicks), music, and computer games too. The folks here like puzzle based games (mahjong, Tetris, etc.). We would appreciate any toiletries. White socks (calf length, size 10+) are good. Snacks like jerky, powdered Gatorade (to put in our water bottles) and any non chocolate candy.
We do have a few women soldiers. Toiletries for them would be good. I'll give it out to whichever soldiers in our platoon who would enjoy what you send.

We are here for another 12 months.

Caleb Davis


emma said...

Hi KiM!!!
Allan sent us a link to your blog. I'll send some stuff. My husband has a LOT of old sci fi and magazines like KitPlanes. They might like them

Jp said...

Hi Kim!Looking the pictures in the blog.Your the lost shelfer I couldn't find.wb!later!

Anonymoose said...

Ain't it the shits that we, the taxpayers, whether we want to or not, get to foot the bill for the life & office styles the Washington inside the beltway Elite (both parties) live and they keep voting themselves more perks and bigger staffs, etc., etc., and Cpl. Davis would like some white socks, please...

Boy, I remember serving my time, in Scout Troop 12, and I, too, would have appreciated a little kindness from strangers.

Thanks for sharing the Cpl. Davis email, KiM