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Monday, July 24, 2006

"Louis, I think this is the beginning
of a beautiful friendship."
~ Casablanca, 1942.

Driving Miss Drylie

In the hours of darkness, July 6th, 2006, the truck crept at a snail's pace, cautiously and silently, onto the property. Too early in the month for a full moon, the night was inky black as only a country night can be. I say a truck, because most residents in this part of East Orange County own at least one truck and I say he/she came by vehicle because, well I will get to that later…..

The old barn was gloomy, shadowy, and completely dark. After having stood on the north edge of the property for over 75 years, the walls are draped with cobwebs; spiders scatter on the approach, mice hid in their nests. But the perpetrator was undeterred. The job must be done and it must be done tonight. The property owner, known to carry a high-powered deer rifle, and the son of the owner were both away this night on business. Only the women were home tonight, watching the late movie and eating ice cream. Ed was on patrol, but his frantic barks went ignored.

So when the sun rose the next morning, two precious orphaned puppies were found, abandoned in the miserable barn. Forsaken to whatever fate awaited them.

Gigi asked me a few days ago, “Do you think it was an accident the dogs were left in your barn!? God provides what we need even when we are not aware of a need.”

Dooley Boydston of Oviedo, Florida, was born in November, 1997. He passed away on July 18th, 2006. Dooley was the beloved daschund of Mrs. Daphne Boydston, better known as Gigi, mother of Dru Fridsma, grandmother of JT and Andy, and honorary grandmother of the entire Screamin’ Eagle Regiment. Dooley was honorary Band Dog.

Divine Providence, Fate, Destiny, (the scheming of me and Dru) made sure an abandoned puppy and Gigi’s paths crossed. Yes, there was a dog in the band room, but it was only for a few moments. It was love at first sight and Gigi decided the orphaned female puppy should come home with her.

Following in the tradition of everyone in the Boydston Family’s name beginning with a “D”, Daron and I suggested Daisy and Delilah. Both names were turned down having been used years ago for the names of two Boydston family pigs. Someone, and that person will go unnamed, came up with the name “Miss Drylie” and before protest could be made, Miss Wick got a name tag engraved: MISS DRYLIE, BAND DOG. And so it was decided.

Gigi says this about Miss Drylie: “She came home with toys from Aunt Dru and Aunt Sue ~ food, collar and a leash to STAY with me. She lay in my lap and slept until Dru and Andrew came over to spend the night. Miss D played with her toys and let Dru's dog, ZoĆ«, know she was not to be messed with! She went out before going to bed at 11pm, went into her own bed by my bed and never got up until I did at 6am! In the morning, Miss D went out and did “her chores” behind the (Hibiscus) bushes, had breakfast and went out again to finish her chores. She loves the toys and bounces over the floor to get them. She has staked her claim in the corner of the couches and I realize I must take everything off the floor and close the doors as she is interested in all different forms of home decor!”

“I will forever mourn for Dooley and remember his loyalty and strong spirit in facing blindness. He will always be the special little dog that loved me.”

Rest in Peace, Dooley, We Miss You!

Nowadays, Gigi has another little one to hug and tell her troubles to, Miss Drylie.
Life goes on and God is good!

Miss Drylie has a brother, unnamed, needing a good home. He weighs about 20 pounds and is the reason I believe he and his little sister were driven onto the property that fateful, moonless night in early July. There is no way someone lugged both Miss D and this little brick onto our 75.

Still needing and deserving a good home.

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