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Friday, August 04, 2006

"Hi, Curly, kill anyone today?
Day ain't over yet."
~ City Slickers, 1991.

The Wild Pigs of Christmas ~ The Final Chapter:

Everyone, with the possible exception of the pigs, knew it would end badly.

Historically, small communities have come together in order that they might help each other with large-scale projects. Some neighborhoods meet and join forces for barn raisings. Selected communities show their cooperative spirit and have quilting or corn husking 'bees'. Still others rally for log harvesting parties. And in the spirit of cooperation, a more recent American tradition has become teaming up for neighborhood garage sales. Here in Christmas, we assemble to slaughter pigs.

About two dozen men, women and small children, met last night on our property to go after the hapless pigs. Mo, Marsh and I were not among the lot.

The pigs didn't stand a chance. Since this is a family blog, additional details are not available.

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