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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" ~ The Wizard of Oz, 1939.

Next stop on our Airstream Tour of the United States to See the Unusual and Odd ~ The Clam Box of Ipswich, MA.

The Clam Box of Ipswich is a nationally recognized landmark and a New England tradition for over 60 years. The Clam Box is located north of Boston in historic Ipswich.

"Built in 1938 by Mr. Dick Greenleaf, this unique structure and our food have been featured in many magazines and television shows including Yankee, Gourmet, US Airways and The Food Network, just to name a few. Although we don’t claim to have invented the fried clam, we believe we have perfected it. Whether you eat in our comfortable dining room or out on our deck, you’ll be sure to enjoy the best fried seafood New England has to offer" ~ The Clam Box.

Roadfood.com says "The Clam Box is shaped like a clam box, the trapezoidal container in which fried-clams-to-go are customarily served. It is a genuine roadside attraction that dates back some sixty years and would be of interest for its looks alone. Under the stewardship of Marina “Chickie” Aggelakelis, the restaurant has thrived. In addition to maintaining and enhancing its unique looks, Chickie has made the Clam Box a standard for fried-clam excellence. In our opinion, this is the place to eat the best fried clams on the North Shore; and since the North Shore is home of the best fried clams anywhere, these are the best fried clams in the universe."

"Shaped like a clam box, The Clam Box is almost always crowded in the summer, with lines of customers flowing out its doors. Note the meticulous landscaping, with the words "CLAM BOX" spelled out in flowers." - Michael Stern

Heidi, we shall have to call ahead, because, in their words, "hours vary and are subject to change without notice". You know, I like that in a restaurant, a 'devil-may-care' attitude towards the public. Quite frankly, it impresses me.

A very big thank you to Kate, my new friend in Ipswich, and her son, Chris, currently at Parris Island. Kate sent you that wonderful box with all the 'girlie' stuff and you best get a thank you out toot sweet.

Semper fi, Chris, you ROCK!

Kate and Chris

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Anonymous said...

What fun to see that the clam box is still going. We always remember the things of our youth as being much better than they really were. I guess that this will prove that those special nights when my folks took me to the Clam Box actually were the best ever!