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Saturday, September 09, 2006

"You're gonna need a bigger boat" ~ Jaws, 1975.

Not everyone sat around on the holiday this past Monday, eating hotdogs, folding clean clothes and watching football. Oh, no.

My Clearwater friends Carolyn and Rick and their fabulous children, Kyle and Kaley, fueled up the boat, packed the fishing rods, netted some bait and took out for Tampa Bay. I bet Carolyn even made a delicious lunch, because she can pack a mean cooler.

Carolyn and I go way back. Though much older than I am, she and I were great friends while we were in high school, some time in the early or mid-80s. Carolyn was my hero. Not only was she super sweet, extrememly talented (and younger sister to the famed Bob E.), she was an athlete extraordinaire. It runs in the family, but back to the fishing trip.......

Kaley caught this 13 pound shark on Labor Day, 2006.

Marsh thinks it might be a reef shark, but needs Kaley to clarify this.

My gosh, can you put a thrilling accomplishment like this on your college application? I sincerely hope so.

A young woman this talented shouldn't have any trouble with Humanities or Biology, for that matter.

Guys, look out! Way to go, Kaley!

Kyle makes friends wherever he goes.

Any brother (listen up Marsh) who can sit patiently for hours while his sister plays volleyball AND attracts beautiful birds, is tops in my book. Kyle has many other talents too numerous to name, but as a reserved young man, he refused to let me list them.

It is a little known fact, Kyle and Kaley train dolphins for secret missions with the US Navy.

Most people are totally unaware 'cowfish' love human interaction and, in fact, make excellent pets. These little fellows amused themselves and the family before being returned to the ocean.

In my family it is no secret ~ Mom hates fishing. Okay, I've admitted it. As far as I am concerned, there will be fishing in hell. So sue me.

However, I am beginning to think the problem is I have been fishing with the wrong people. This family knows how to have a good time while fishing. I'm adding my name to their waiting list and hope to go out with them by Fall of 2010.

Finally, it would be remiss of me if I didn't thank Rick for all the wonderful pictures he sends me, not only of his precious family, but the volleyball pictures as well. Yes, dear friends, Rick makes many of the great volleyball pictures of Daron I send to you. Though Kaley and Daron are on rival teams (look out next year, Kaley, Daron finally got that serve down), Rick has sent me some of the BEST pictures we have of Daron, better even than the ones I paid the big bucks for.

Rick graciously has allowed me to post this one final picture from their family Labor Day fishing trip. He captured this shot from the boat on the way in after an amazing day on the water. Rick has promised to wait until I post it on my blog before he sells it to the Enquirer.

Apparently, Yetis hang out in Tampa Bay also and make good use of a vacation day.

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