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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"What a piece of work is man" ~ Hamlet, 1996.

Dear Mom:

I love that picture of Marsh.

Yeah. He had a great time with the play, getting to know his fellow cast members better. Every single time he did his part (I personally saw it 5 times) he did it a little different. Now he says he is auditioning for the role of Hamlet. I wish he wouldn't. He'll never get the part, even if he could play it as well as Kenneth Branagh. Most of acting must be disappointment.

Well, the weather here is horrible now. I'm sure it'll snow any day now. Why is it that things are always so much worse when you're cold?

We had our own 'cold snap' here. I bet it was at least 55, but I don't think we shall get snow. Do you have any cold weather gear???? Does the Army provide what you need?

We're going out on a mission for a while in a few days. I didn't see that one coming. Yes, MSG Leslie is back on PSD. We've been busy getting ready to go out.

You have no idea how happy I am to hear MSG Leslie is going to be with you. Did he like what you brought him from Italy?

I don't really want you on the PSD no matter how much tea you get to drink, but it helps more than you will ever, ever know for him to be going with you. When you two make it safely back home to the US of A, I owe him the biggest steak we can find. That and my life.

I STILL have to do laundry.

Hey. I always have laundry to do, war or no war, so you'll get no sympathy from me.

LOL! Marsh said his shoes are almost as sexy as he is. He's so funny.

Yes, he is funny, but he is totally correct. He loved those two shirts almost as much as he loved the shoes. Claims he will be in a 'fashion show' later this week....In between weight lifting and running for his life.

My extra days off were great! All the guys I hang out with came up to BAF the last 2 days I was there, so we got to hang out there for a while.

This was cool. You hadn't been in BAF that much.

It was nice to get back to Gardez and stop living out of a bag. Not much has changed while I was gone.

What? You thought Gardez would suddenly become Santa Monica while you were in Italy?!

We're going out tomorrow where they have good phones, so I'll try to call then.

Things I would like to have:

"the tool"
any movies you can send
hand and body lotion

Roger. I will get your requests out ASAP along with 200 of your Italy pics. I may have to sell either Marsh or Daron to get the rest of them printed. I wonder which one I'd get the better price on?

Over and out.


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