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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mother: This isn't one of those trees where all the needles falls off, is it?
Tree Man: No, that's them balsams.
Mr. Parker: You know, Zudock just bought of those brand new green, plastic trees.
Tree Man: Oh no!
Mr. Parker: Darn thing looked like it was made of green pipe cleaners. Hee hee hee.
Mother: It's a very nice tree.
Tree Man: [Quickly] I'll thrown in some rope and tie it to your car for you.
Mr. Parker: You got a deal.
Tree Man: Deal.

A Christmas Story, 1983

Check this out first. It's pretty cool.
The Holiday and Christmas Card to the Troops

As of today's date, 36 boxes of "Christmas Cheer" have arrived in Gardez from our wonderful family and dear friends. More are still on their way!

PLEASE double click the pictures to see them better.

It may be freezing cold and snowing in Afghanistan, but inside the huts, soldiers have a little piece of home (and lots of hot chocolate) to enjoy.

Marsh made CDs of Christmas music and I sent every single Christmas movie I could find.

Santa hats were passed out and the decorating began! Heidi and Rosado model two of the hats. Soldiers put their names on ornaments and hung them on the tree.

Heidi Ho

Garland, tinsel, lights, handmade ornaments ~ Heidi says it 'looks like Christmas all the way from home'. Thank goodness Walmart delivers.

Who would have thought pinecones painted silver would look so good? Tom and Penny gave me those pinecones, Heidi. All the way from Christmas, Florida!

Though some of the pinecones were sprayed with fake snow, Heidi says there is enough snow in Gardez to go around.

The little red and white beaded candy canes made by TMA students are great, too! So festive hanging on the tree.

Good work with the tinsel, Wendy!

Garland is transformed into a Christmas wreath!

The finished product. Nice job, soldiers!

Heidi said it took a full two hours to decorate the tree!

Thank you for your help, Kim. We love that tattoo and I'm not teasing.

Stockings were hung on the pressboard with care in hopes that Sgt. Leslie would give everyone time off for Christmas.

Heidi is planning a "Christmas Movie Night Marathon" complete with popcorn and hot chocolate for all. Roll 'em, Santa.

'Eat Papa, eat. No one wants a skinny Santa.'

Christmas 2006 in the Sandbox.

I hope and pray you are all home, snug in your own beds, next Christmas.

Be safe Heidi, we love you and miss you so much.


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