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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cooking with Carlos and Honda



Years ago (maybe even when I was in school), it became mandatory for a high school student to successfully complete two years' study of one foreign language. I don’t know about you, but I have never used the Spanish I learned in high school.

For almost two years, Marsh has been slogging through Spanish One and Spanish Two. Some people have no aptitude for languages and I am of the belief your brother is one of those people.

In an effort to pass Spanish, Marsh created Carlos and Honda. Carlos and Honda have shared many experiences over the past year and a half, some of them quite dangerous. At the zoo, Carlos and Honda were attacked by wild animals. When they went to the beach, Carlos was almost eaten by a shark. He was rescued by Honda only to die later because he didn’t wait long enough before going back into the water after eating a big meal.

In this story, Carlos and Honda are faced with the dilemna of cooking for their girlfriends. As we all know, girls are extremely hard to please when it comes to food.

Carlos and Honda like to cook.

Honda likes the pasta food group.

Ramen is very good.

Carlos likes the bean, rice and cereal group.

Normally, Carlos and Honda cook for fun.

Sometimes, Carlos and Honda cook for social events.

Every Friday, Carlos and Honda cook for the girls.

Carlos and Honda are expert chefs.

My souffle! Very hot!

Carlos burned his hair, arms, legs, eyes, his back, his whole body. The situation is very serious.

"Thank you!" "What happened?"

The souffle is okay.

I don't like fire. It's not very agreeable.

More fruit and vegetable group!

Carlos and Honda get a stomach ache from eating too much fruit and vegetables.

The girls demand food.

Trying to please girls is very complicated.

There are two things girls like ~ Chicken and Chocolate!

The food groups: meats and sweets.

Carlos and Honda become very famous......

....and rich!

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