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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Heidi Ho Costume ~ Yodel Odel?

Some strange things are going on around here.

Look at what $49.99 will buy you at Target.
I don't think further comment on this is even needed.

Those wild and crazy royals...

Princes Pull Phone Prank on Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON — Princely pranksters William and Harry have been accused of recording a bogus message on Queen Elizabeth II's answering machine. The pair were asked for help by their regal gran when she was baffled by the technology. But she was reported to be mortified when she heard the end result.

"Hey wassup!" their message said. "This is Liz. Sorry I'm away from the throne."

"For a hotline to Philip, press one. For Charles, press two," the recording continued. "And for the corgis, press three."

According to The Daily Star, the Queen saw the funny side later when she thought about which VIPs might have heard the message. But her private secretary was not so amused. The paper says he almost fell off his chair the first time one of his calls was put through to the voicemail.

The Queen, who is 80, has been taught by Prince William and Prince Harry how to send text messages on her mobile phone. She was given her first mobile phone in 2001 by the Duke of York, but she banned servants at the royal palaces from carrying phones on duty, after becoming annoyed at their ring tones. The ban was reportedly prompted by several mobile phones ringing during a major banquet held for foreign dignitaries.

QE II keeps her cell in that black purse you always see her with, which was recently searched when she attempted to board a plane without going through security.

Finally for today, something a little funny ~ How to Quiet A Room Full of Kids.

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