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Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Dearest Heidi:

7,788 miles from home.

After all these months ~ way over a year ~ you will soon, finally, be back on American soil. Back where we can hug you and kiss you and never let you go again. I am counting the minutes, my bag is packed. I can't believe you are finally coming home. I will be there when your plane lands.

We are so proud of you, Sergeant. Proud of what you set out to do with your life, proud of how far you have come. Proud of what you will continue to do, where you will go, the lives you will touch. Lives you'll touch like you have touched my life, all of these 26 years.

Welcome home, Heidi, we have been waiting for you.



1 comment:

Flag Gazer said...

So happy she is coming home!

Give her hugs for us, too, and please give her our thanks for her service to our country!

We are all so proud of you, Heidi!