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Monday, October 15, 2007

"Hal, this isn't funny.... that behavior isn't acceptable. You're right. Boys ~ the next time you drive a golf cart over a catered lunch and into a swimming pool there will be consequences!" ~ Lois, Malcolm in the Middle

How about I not waste your extremely valuable time making excuses why I haven't been blogging? Suffice to say I had a wake up call this past weekend, a reminder of how many families are still out there waiting for their precious child to come home safely just like mine did. Please forgive me.

Heidi and Rob, home safely from Afghanistan.

Mindy is home, too!
Her mom, Lynda, tells me Mindy won't be going back to Iraq any time soon. From her mouth to God's ear. Lynda's family threw a big welcome home party and Mindy bought a new Jeep she just loves. Lynda plans on taking down the red, white and blue lights she has had on the house for the five years Mindy has been deployed and put up real Christmas lights this year. Looks like things are back to normal, but for some reason I am sure it will take a whole lot longer and a whole lot more than a party, a new Jeep and some Christmas lights for it to truly be the way it was before Mindy left. War is like that.

Left to right: Jim, Lory, Matt, Uncle Dave, Aunt Mimi, Uncle Jack, Aunt Linda, Mike, Gramma Evelyn, Lynda, Mindy and Pete

Mindy and the Jeep

Welcome Home, Mindy!

Heidi's Mom

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Debbie said...

Welcome Back, Kerri. I've missed your blogs.