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Saturday, July 29, 2006

"I'm here to fight for truth, justice, and the American way." ~ Superman, 1978.

Dear Heidi:

Sorry you were so down on your birthday. It is hard when no one around you remembers to wish you a ‘Happy Birthday’ and you are so far from home. I wish we could have talked longer than we did on Friday, but there it is. Some days I call for hours and never get through. Perhaps those are the days the phones and computers are shut down, huh?

Heidi, my favorite Superhero

Last night, the Regiment had their annual end-of-band-camp concert and pot luck dinner. The band sounded fabulous and the flag corps looks marvelous. This year’s halftime program is the music of John Williams ~ movie theme songs from Superman, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, E.T. and Star Wars.

Paula, Karen and Sue made tons of pictures of the band members over the two week camp and we were treated to an entertaining slide show. We even had a surprise performance by a ‘local new band’! There was a great turnout and your sister…

Daron sold almost 20 tickets to the TMA Volleyball Carwash. It was like pulling hen’s teeth to get Mo to walk around and ask people to buy one and she had to have help from some of her dear cronies. That girl. That are we going to do with her? Volleyball tryouts start on Monday and run all week. As soon as tryouts are over, practice begins and so it goes, up until the time the school season ends and club begins and then it starts all over again, like a never ending circle, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning…

E.T. anticipates the day everyone will have his/her own cell phone.

It appears the puppy is here to stay. Like we required another dog. ‘Hector’, so the veterinarian says, is mostly lab and very healthy. Dr. Zern claims we have ‘one fine dog there’ and Hector should make us a devoted, well-behaved pet. I bet he says that about all the orphaned dogs he meets. Hector joins the three other dogs ~ Daphne, Edward and Lucy; three cats ~ Lily, ZoĆ« and Harry Eugene; Sir Hiss, the snake, Atticus the Finch, Liz the gecko and Neptune, the Siamese Fighting Fish. There’s also an elusive white cat skulking around the yard, but until the cat’s gender can be established, he/she has not been named.

What would Superman do?

While looking at M and D’s MySpace recently, I noticed Marsh has old friends coming out of the woodwork (or in some cases, crawling out from under rocks) to reestablish contact with him. Remember that girl who put the cat in the microwave years ago? Yeah, well. She’s still around and apparently still up to her old tricks. A couple of the others are pretty scary looking and it reminds me once again how happy and thankful I am you three are mine.

Speaking of rocks, Allen called here recently for you.



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