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Monday, July 17, 2006

'To Infinity and Beyond!" ~ Toy Story, 1995.


The shuttle Discovery has landed safely.

In fact, if my calculations are correct, it flew right over the house.

From the Associated Press:
Discovery glided down through an overcast sky onto the Kennedy Space Center runway at 9:14 a.m., allowing NASA to declare total victory for the first time since before the 2003 Columbia disaster.

It was so cloudy, shuttle commander Steven Lindsey couldn't spot the runway until about a minute before landing.

"Welcome back Discovery and congratulations on a great mission," Mission Control told Lindsey after Discovery rolled to a stop.

"It was a great mission. A really great mission," Lindsey replied.

The shuttle came in from the south, swooping over the Pacific, Yucatan Peninsula, Gulf of Mexico and across Florida to cap a 5.3 million-mile journey that began on the Fourth of July. A last-minute buildup of clouds prompted NASA to switch the shuttle's direction for landing.At touchdown, hoots and whistles came from the few hundred astronaut relatives and space center workers watching the landing.

I am very happy Discovery is home safe. It is important the Space Program continue as we may all end up in space if we can't get along here on earth. What's left of earth, after we've blown it all up, polluted the water and air and killed all the animal and plant life.

Okay, lighten up, Mom. NASA has said for years the 'average Joe' may one day fly in the Space Shuttle (or something like it) and space travel will be commonplace. Probably not in my lifetime.

I am waiting for a ride like this one.


Anonymous said...

Keri, We were hooting and hollering. Mabye we will bump into one another. Looks like life is busy busy for you. Prayers for your daughter. Lu

sparky said...

the space shuttle is a virtual antique now . all of them have flown way way over the amount of flights they were designed to take when they were first built . i think i read somewhere the shuttle will be gone by 2010 and there will be a new type of space vehicle . maybe not unlike the shuttle .

emma said...

I love your blog!!