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Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Excellent!" ~
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, 1989.

Recently, I caught Jackie Johnson in a weak moment and she agreed to host a pool party at her lovely home for our own JV Volleyball Team.

About fourteen girls attended, give or take seven or eight, and a good time was had by all. This unidentified male showed up, but was quickly invited in by Zoe and Christine.

Coach Quynh and Mr. Johnson discuss Papa John's Pizza versus Donatos, completely unaware Mrs. Johnson had actually ordered the pizza from Dominos.

Lindsay, Sammie, Rachel and Jenna

Rachel works the net.

Sammie and her 1000 watt smile!


Damage to the Johnson home included, but was not limited to, a broken drain pipe, a small, easily contained fire, and a missing ceramic chicken.

Whereabouts of the chicken are still unknown.

Morgan and Katie

Jennings decided to pull out all the stops and beg his mother to refrain from volunteering the family pool for future volleyball parties.

He has even offered to give up video games and all fried foods.


Even though it has been over thirty years since Jaws, Rachel still could not convince Daron it was 'safe to go back into the water'.

Everyone knows who the REAL boss is of the JV girls' volleyball team. Hayden eats pizza AND his vegetables while Coach encourages him.

Later, Hayden entertained Mr. Johnson with a drum solo.


The team uses every opportunity to play volleyball.

Right, Coach?

Jenna is happy, once again, to explain what a volleyball looks like to those of you who may have forgotten.

Thanks, Jenna!

Emily had to leave before someone broke out the camera and started taking pictures of the festivities. However, I have a stock pile of 'Em and Mo' pics and could certainly scare one up.

Thank you to

the Johnson Family~

Jeff, Jackie, Jenna and Jennings

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