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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Hoo-rah!" ~ Scent of a Woman, 1992.

My friend Kate attended her son Chris's graduated this past week from Parris Island. Here is his picture and her note about the ceremony.

God's protection, Chris, and thank you for your commitment to our country.
Thank you, too, Kate. I know personally what your sacrifice is.

"Chris looks great and his attitude is awesome!

Lost alot of weight and is lean, mean fighting machine!

The Emblem ceremony was incredible! We got front row seats and he was front row, so we could clearly see him! He cried; we all cried. Tears of pride and relief.

The graduation ceremony was truly remarkable; to see 626 young men and women, spit-shined and polished, marching in step with their leaders, to the beat of the band, with the colors flying, under crisp blues sky, surrounded by a sea of proud families, to hear their collective "Hoorah" and as we walked to our cars with Our Marines, a single Bald Eagle circled overhead, as if an omen that we had been truly blessed.

Chris has kept the pics of Heidi in a safe place in his locker; they are a Band of Brothers and how amazing is that?"

~ Kate

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