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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Update, Thursday noon, October 18, 2006

Hi Mom:

So hopefully you didn't call the room, because I left shortly after to get my nails and feet done. I will check my e-mail tomorrow morning before I check out to see if you got any info on the B&B.

Remember the perfume 'Earth' that used to be at the Gap? This place smells like that. I went over to the Indian restaurant and they don't open for another 2 hours. I'll hold out for it. I'm craving some serious curry.

The people at the nail place gave me a flower in a can as a gift. They were trying to give me this perfume thing you put sticks in or something and I told them I couldn't take it because I was going back to Afghanistan. I thought they were trying to get me to buy it at first.

The language barrier is funny sometimes. I wanted to tell the lady who did my pedicure I've been wearing boots for 8 months and that's why my feet were so bad looking, but she didn't speak English at all. Oh well, I tried.

I think when you get here, if we have time, we should get facials and massages. I don't want to do all the girly stuff before you get here. Oh, if you get this before you fly, you don't need to bring any big coats. It's not cold at all. At night a sweater or light jacket is enough.

Ok, I'll talk to you later.



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