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Monday, October 23, 2006

Buono sera.

Having a wonderful time in Rome. Wish you all were here.....

Then you could help me navigate these roads and keep me from getting run over by a moped or a speeding taxi. If I am to die in Rome, let it be somewhere classy like the Sistine Chapel or the Colosseum or better yet, the steps of the Pantheon, not on a busy street surrounded by angry Italians!

Then again, you could also share a gellato with me and a stroll through the cobbled streets or sit at a table in the Campo di Fiori and watch pencil thin Roman women trip by.

Heidi and I ate lunch today in a quaint cafe next to the Pantheon. Imagine. The Pantheon, which I have decided is my favorite so far. We tour the Vatican Museum tomorrow, visit St. Peters and breakfast with the Pope on Wednesday. No lie, this tour guide rocks!

I've walked ten miles today and if Rome is truly built on seven hills, I have stepped foot on every single one of them.




Anonymous said...

You better have an incredible time, take in every Italian site there is to see, including the hot Italian men, eat too much and soak in something muddy and wonderful at a spa. I expect to see lots of beautiful pictures upon your return.
Most of all Kerri, soak in every second you get to spend with Heidi as I know you have just longed for this time with her. Love, laugh, and then come home safe.


jilly said...

well, you're working off the food. glad you're having a blast, be safe.