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Monday, October 02, 2006

"We're sisters under the same mink" ~ The Big Heat, 1953.

They came armed with boxes and boxes of puff paint, glue sticks, glitter pens, glitter glue and jars of glitter.

They had sequins, pom poms, stickers and faux gems.

They had strange scissors that cut in jagged lines.

They had markers and colored pencils.

They had glue.

They ate pizza.

Lots of pizza.

They were spread out all over the floors, they were at all the tables, they worked dilligently for hours......

In between bites of oreos, chips and candy, between sips of soda.....(oops, did we have soda?)....they worked.

Marsh thought it would never end.

Bosco the cat enjoyed the glitter.

They played with the cats and took pictures of themselves.

But most of all they created works of art, works designed to honor our volleyball Seniors, Noel and Lindsey.

Friday, September 28th, JV Volleyball’s ‘Aunt Tami and Cousin Jamie’ hosted the Poster and Pizza Party at their pumpkin festooned home in Oviedo.

Best wishes, Noel, Queen of the Court,
and congratulations!

Pizza was provided by the Dixon Family.

Thank you from all of us!
Way to go Lindsey, you ARE the Woman!

Aunt Tami will be vacuuming glitter and sequins out of the carpet for months to come.

Best Wishes,

Class of 2007

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