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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home..." ~ The Wizard of Oz, 1939.

Heidi with a view of the Seven Hills of Rome in the background.

Though we weren't in Kansas, Toto, or even Florida, Heidi and I had a wonderful time during our stay in Roma and Firenze. We made hundreds of pictures and thousands of memories and honestly, it's going to take me a long time to share them all with you.

The dirty laundry has piled up, the grades have come down and I have never been so happy to be back home in the U S of A.

Heidi's buddies in Gardez saw her off the last day before her trip to Italia. As you can see, some were none too happy she was leaving. Judging by the size of her over-stuffed backpack, I think she took something back for everyone. Probably promised them all a 'surprise' if they behaved while she was gone....

Heidi calls this backpack, the most gi-normous bag I have ever seen, "the teenager", due to the fact she feels like she is carrying one on her back. I, myself, have never seen so much fit into one bag in my entire life. Heidi claims she got her packing skills from me, but she was just being nice.

Note: 'j eye-normous' ~ Webster defines as a combination of giant or gigantic and enormous. Feel free to use the word in a sentence later today.

Though I didn't take a lot of pictures of the first place we stayed in Rome, the Hotel Aberdeen, I did snap some shots of our room in Florence. Heidi said it was her favorite hotel room because it "made her feel more Italian".

Breakfast, served every morning by our host, Ignatio, was extremely strong coffee and croissants. Yes, I know this is Italy and why were we eating croissants? Apparently, the Italians have no 'breakfast foods' of their own. Try asking for biscuits and gravy and see what it gets you.

Ignatio is proprietor at the Hotel Aldobrandini and if you can survive the four flights of stairs (see above) it was worth the price of the room just for his hospitality. As you might remember, I commented on how rude Romans are. Ignatio was the most gracious, helpful, kind, efficient man and made our stay in Firenze fabulous.

These are pictures taken from the window of our room at the hotel.

The view. I believe this would make it a 'room with a view'?

The tiny elevator you may use to haul your luggage up to the Hotel Aldobrandini. Believe it or not, this was NOT the smallest elevator we saw in Italy.

The final flight of stair that led up to our room, number 2. Try doing this with a teenager on your back!

Ignatio will help make your stay in Firenze one you won't soon forget. Tell him Kerri and Heidi sent you.

Next time: Our visit with the Pope or 'Why the Egyptians Will Not Be Sending the Vatican a Christmas Card This Year'

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great trip Kim . Romes an interesting place . Did you see the monks bones in the catacombs? It was a long time ago but it seemed to me the bones were in a store front kinda place which struck me as weird at the time but as I said it was long ago so maybe I'm mistaken . I'm guessing the food was great . Glad you liked it, Allan