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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fozziwig: Here is my Christmas speech. "Thank you all, and Merry Christmas."
Jacob Marley: That was the speech?
Robert Marley: It was dumb.
Jacob Marley: It was obvious.
Robert Marley: It was pointless.
Jacob Marley: It was... short.
Robert Marley, Jacob Marley: I loved it.

The Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992.

Please check this out first

For his final grade of the semester, your brother had to write a Spanish Christmas book for children. If his life ever depends on being able to speak Spanish, your brother is screwed.

Gary, El Gila Monstruo y El Cactus de Navidad

By Marsh Drylie

Gary es un Gila monstruo solitario. Nadie quiere ser su amigo porque Gary es muy venenoso. Cada Navidad Gary está solitario, y es mas malo del año pasado.

“Todo quiero por Navidad es unos amigos”, exclame Gary. “No es mi culpa que mi saliva es tóxica.”

Una noche, Gary vea un resplandor extraña en el horizonte del desierto.

El camina por el piso del desierto con el arena fría debajo sus garras.

Cuando Gary llega a la fuente del luz extraño, él se da cuenta que es un cactus con luces de Navidad. Es un saguaro cactus para ser exacto.

Aparentemente, Gary no es el solo animal del desierto que camina a esta luz extraño. Todos los animals que estan alrededor del cactus son criaturas extraño quien quieren ver el luz.

“Paz en el mundo” Dice Omar el Búho Duende.

Carrie el Coyote dice, “Voy a honor Navidad en mi corazón y voy a mantener el Navidad todo el año.”

“Feliz Navidad a todo y a todo un buenas noches”, grita Sammy el Sidewinder.

“El maestro dice cada vez que la campana anillos, un ángel obtiene las alas!” anuncia Andi el Armadillo.

“Dios nos Bendice cada uno,” proclama Ricky el Road Runner.

Así que todos los años en Nochebuena, los amigos del desierto reúnen para celebrar Navidad juntos. Alrededor del cactus de Navidad los animales reúnen…

…y el monstruo de Gila nunca es solitario otra vez.

and now for the English translation.....

Gary, the Gila Monster and the Christmas Cactus

By Marsh Drylie

Gary was one lonely Gila monster. No one wanted to be his friend because he was so venomous. Every Christmas Gary spent alone, he got meaner and meaner.

“All I want for Christmas is to have some friends”, Gary exclaimed. “I can’t help it if my saliva is toxic!”

One night, Gary noticed a strange, entrancing glow on the desert horizon.

He started off across the desert floor, the sands cool beneath his claws.

As Gary approached the source of the bizarre light, he realized it was a cactus decorated with Christmas lights. A saguaro to be exact.

Apparently, Gary wasn’t the only desert creature to be drawn by the weird and wonderful glowing illuminations. All around the cactus were other forlorn desert animals come to see the shimmering Christmas saguaro.

“Peace on Earth,” says Omar the Elf Owl.

Carrie the Coyote chimed in, “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year.”

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”, shouted Sammy the Sidewinder.

“Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!” announces Andi the Armadillo.

“God Bless us every one,” proclaimed Ricky the Road Runner.

So every year on Christmas Eve, the desert friends gather to celebrate the Yuletide together. Around the Christmas cactus they meet....

and Gary, the once lonely Gila monster has never been lonely again.

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