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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"The stuff that dreams are made of" ~ The Maltese Falcon, 1941.

Coach Conley and the girls
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"Well son, you can't expect us to win everything", was what I heard a father tell his son as we were leaving the O'Connell Center Friday night. Coach Conley and Coach Nguyen took Daron, Sarah, Morgan, Christine, Ashley, Sophie and Chloe to Gainesville this past weekend for the NCAA Volleyball Semi Finals. We had a blast even though Gaineville was eliminated by the Minnesota Gophers. I'd still rather be a Gator than a Gopher, wouldn't you?

Gophers advance to NCAA regional final with win over Gators

Saturday morning, the girls and I went out scouting for Florida Volleyball sweatshirts.

We never found the sweatshirt, but what we did find was a 'field of dreams'.

Daron and Morgan make sure the grass is real

Morgan was the first to hop the wall and run the length of Florida Field. "Going all the way for the touchdown", she said. Daron ran right along behind her. After making sure M & D weren't going to get arrested, the rest of the girls jumped the wall and joined them.

Sarah feels right at home with the Florida Gators.

Later, all of the girls ran up and down the bleachers until I thought I was going to get sick. Wore them out completely or at least until I said we'd go to the mall.

All the girls have decided to return to the University of Florida, though probably only Morgan will come back on a football scholarship.

Start saving your pennies, parents.

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