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Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Ramblings, Rants and Rumblings for a Friday in late March.

In honor of my dear friends in New Orleans, who have simply put up with far more than should be expected of any human being.......

An article in The New Orleans Levee, "We don't hold anything back" ~

Brad, Angie say they'll take Ray...

New Orleanians breathed a collective sigh of relief last week, as celebrity super-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie confirmed they are in late-stage negotiations to adopt New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

Please read the entire thing, it's a scream, an absolute scream.

Seen on a local street recently ~ I am thinking about getting one for the yard, or at the very least, having the slogan tattooed on my ankle. It completely describes the way I feel each time I crank the car up.

What's wrong with this picture?

Andy, JT, Tim, Dru and Dan burn up the track at the 2nd Annual Master's Academy Eagle Regiment 5K Run. No family should look this good.

Life is so unfair. Look at these people ~ buff, confident, well-tanned and I hear they even like each other. You will remember Dru and Dan. Last year, they spent their 25th wedding anniversary out west, hiking. Nuts, both of them.

One thing that makes me feel much better about myself with reference to my dear Dan and Dru ~ they are stuck with, excuse me, the PROUD OWNERS of this wild and crazy dog.

Do You Know This Child?

Yep, that's your little brother, back when he was still in 'short pants' and not worried about getting a date or his driver's license or apparently noticing strip joints.

During our last trip to the beach, Dad surprised us by taking us out to dinner. Osteen's was closed it being Sunday (we never remember they are closed on Sunday), nevertheless, the Gypsy Cab Company was open and doing a brisk business. Marsh was horrified when we pulled into the parking lot. When pressed for information, Marsh couldn't exactly say why he thought it might be a strip club. "The purple neon says stripper to me," was his only reply.

Though the Gypsy Cab Company turned out not to be a strip club, but a restaurant with fine food and excellent service, research into the phenomenon of purple neon proved the boy to be totally correct.

And finally, too crazy for words......Double click to see the pictures better. Is that man really waving at me?

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