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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fishing Family Furthers Fin Fanaticism

Recently, my friend Rick and his son, Kyle, and daughter, Kaley, fished in the Tampa Area YMCA Benefit Flats Tournament. These people amaze me and I have often regaled you on this blog with their fishing proficiency.

Kyle took 1st place for junior anglers with the largest trout.

Kaley won 1st place for junior anglers for the largest Red Fish and 2nd place for the second largest Trout. Kaley, you are SUCH the overachiever, I swear.

Rick was awarded 1st place for the amateur adult male with the largest Red Fish. Rick, amateur adult male sounds 'sketchy' to me to say the least; I might not repeat this again if I were you.

In all, the family took home three new fishing poles and other prizes worth over $500.00. Carolyn, Rick has decided it was 'well worth skipping work' and plans to do so on a regular basis.

As I have long said ‘there will be fishing in Hell’, so this allure of the sea confuses me. However, I am very proud of my friends.

I, myself, have other fish to fry.

1 comment:

Kim Moseler said...

I had no idea they fished so much! And all the awards too! I guess I belong to an "award winning family"!!
...but I already knew that!
Thanks for sharing the pictures Kerri! :)