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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My prayers to St. Fiacre and the Easter Bunny are finally paying off. The garden continues to look healthier by the day and my lack of interest has evidently not upset the roses in the least. To assist me in the undertaking of my next backyard quandary, I found myself in the market for assistance with the swimming pool. Enter Saint Adjutor of Vernon, patron saint of swimmers and swimming. So I am reaching a little here, sue me. (Is that really the theme song for the X Files I hear on that website?)

Not much is known about St. Adjutor, who was a Norman lord, master of Vernon-sur-Seine, a region in France. He was also a knight who fought in the First Crusade. While serving in the Crusades, he was captured by Muslims who tried to force him to abandon his faith. He escaped, apparently swimming to freedom and returned to France, where he became a Benedictine monk. He died in 1131, after spending his last years as a recluse monk in the abbey at Tiron, France.

All things considered, he is the best choice. If you don’t think I am completely serious, then you don’t know me very well.

Speaking of saints, I am still missing John Paul. Thankfully, Pope Benedict XVI is fast-tracking the beatification process, waving the customary five year waiting period for the sainthood procedure. This makes me very happy and Benedict XVI may grow on me yet. We could all use the help of John Paul as I am of the opinion the man has a direct line to The Power That Be.

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