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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Scott over at Afghanistan Jag did some great work on Easter. Please click here to read all about it.

Scott and about 30 Air Force, Army, Navy and coalition soldiers joined forces to help distribute about 200 bags of collected food ~ sacks of wheat, flour, rice and beans~ and other supplies (including portable stoves) for a village of thousands washed out by a flood.

Scott was afraid no one would show up Sunday it being a holiday with several activities planned for Easter such as a basketball tournament, movies, etc.

The "nay-sayers" told Scott no one would show up that early on their day off. Scott believe and proved them wrong. Way to go to Scott and his fellow soldiers. You make me so proud! I think your Easter was most excellently spent and I hope you are all blessed for it.

And Scott, ditto on the priorities issue. After I read your post today, I fired off a wicked email to CNN.com. Any family member or close friend of mine will tell you I am known for this. I’m also currently boycotting a number of companies and products.

At CNN, the first question I had to answer was ‘whether or not my email was positive or negative’. I said positive, as I was positive they wouldn’t know news if it bit them in the...and asked them to please ‘shutthehellup’ about Don Imus. Six Canadian soldiers were murdered yesterday in Afghanistan and, quite frankly, THAT was more important. Not than I am an Imus fan or anything, but he’s been suspended, let’s move on. Yada, yada, yada. I promptly changed the channel from CNN to the soaps, which the dog prefers anyway.

Like CNN cares what I think.

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Scott Delius said...

THANK YOU for writing about what we're doing here. It's good to know that you think similarly about the news media. I really appreciate your support.