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Friday, April 27, 2007

Please give this woman a room without The View

Finally, the time slot right before the noon news will be basically free of pestilence. Isn't the news depressing enough, without an hour of Ms. O'Donnell to start the afternoon off on the wrong foot?

Finally, I must no longer boycott my favorite news channel. Finally, I am free to resume my relationship with ABC. Finally, I am free to purchase an overpriced ticket at the Magic Kingdom and once again rub shoulders with the great unwashed and sweaty masses.

I have already contacted WFTV with the good news. They were thrilled I am returning.

Speaking of 'horrors' (and we were), last Sunday, Marsh and I went to see UCF's Conservatory Theatre presentation of Rocky Horror Show. It was fabulous and a prime example of me possibly not using good judgement when it comes to one of my kids.

Marsh had a blast!

In my strictly unbiased, uneducated opinion, UCF's Rocky Horror was much better than the movie.

It amazes me that after all these years (The Rocky Horror Show opened in London initially, on June 19, 1973), The Show still has a huge fan basis like this club in the UK.

When asked by his friend, Kira, why he hadn't 'dressed up' for The Show, Marsh mused, "I guess I could have worn Dad's red sequined dress and Mom's black fishnets..."

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Debbie said...

I thought of you, K, when I heard she was leaving! Happy Days are here again!