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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome Baby Reese

Last Tuesday, we welcomed Reese Parker Beery to the world and our TMA family.

Her dad, Matt, is a teacher at our school and a fabulous trumpet player. (Hence the pink rabbit playing the trumpet for those of you still confused).

Our theme colors were bright pink and lavendar. Mrs. Schultz sent in delicious cookies, Mrs. Litzell helped dice up the cake and Miss Matz let us borrow her room. Thank you, ladies!

Reese's mom, Amber, graciously allowed her to be passed around for high school students to hold. Brave Mom, you have no idea where those students have been!

Mr. Beery explained how difficult it can be getting up every two hours each night while still holding down a job.

Big brother, Jackson, enjoyed the baby cake, entertained easily distracted students and played with the balloons. After the party, we crammed all of the balloons into his mom's car along with fourteen pieces of extra well-iced cake. I bet THAT was a great ride home!

Ryan and Missi are happy to hold precious Reese, but thankful that come diaper changing time, neither will be anywhere near the baby.

The Happy Beery Family! We love you, Matt, Amber, Jackson and Baby Reese.

Jackson says that if the baby behaves, she can stay around the house a little longer.

Best Wishes Beery Family.

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