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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Walk on the Red Carpet, the Junior-Senior Prom, 2007

Marsh and Ashley agree to pose for pictures behind her lovely home on the lake.

Brett and Laura had a fabulous time and, from the looks of things, I think they prefer each others company to anyone's. Both thought I was stalking them until it was revealed I promised Brett's mom, Jodi, I would take pictures.

I am not sure who the girl in black is, but the one in red is Christa, one of my favorite people and a good friend of Marsh's. You have seen Christa before. She played 'The Matchmaker', Mrs. Dolly Levi last fall.

Stevie and Lynn enjoy a night out. They were the only couple I saw doing the tango. Marsh and Daron agreed, this color blue is perfect for Lynn.

Every good dance demands everyone does the limbo. Thank goodness I was too busy to join in.

More later. I am too busy packing.

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Flag Gazer said...

Lots of happy faces!!!

Everyone looks great!