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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Truth be told, I never sailed a day in me life. I figure I should get out, see the world while I'm still young"~ Pirates of the Caribbean, 2007.

Roadtrip, Summer 2007

The day immediately following Heidi's arrival in O'Town, she and her dad went car shopping. I restrained myself and refused to go, leaving the job of haggling for the best price to the experts ~ Heidi and David. Ten hours later, both returned, bloodied and bruised, but Heidi now the proud owner of a new Corolla (or 'the Motorola', as her friends Cameron and Montana call it).

When the decision to purchase the car in Florida came up, it was also decided Heidi, Marsh, Daron and I would pack for a roadtrip and help Heidi take the new car home. Didn't want her driving the roughly 1,000 miles back to NY on her own, did we? Not that she hadn't traversed thousands of dangerous miles in the sandbox or anything. Not like she doesn't have an EXCELLENT head for directions or couldn't get herself out of a pickle should she need to....

All smiles at the beginning of the trip, I believe we got along really well for such tight quarters. A pub in Savannah, GA.

The requisite horse and carriage trip ~ later in the evening, we took a "walking ghost tour", but didn't see any apparitions.

The Kehoe House, 'haunted house'built it 1892 and purchased by Joe Namath in 1980. Rumor is that ‘Broadway Joe’,planned on turning the Kehoe House into a nightclub and disco. Locals threatened to burn it to the ground if he did. Namath sold the house in 1989 for $530,000, making a profit of roughly seven times what he paid for it.

As we had seen D.C. recently, the three of us opted for a nice morning in Alexandria, VA instead.

King Street Blues, Alexandria. Perhaps the best meal we ate the entire trip.

Daron got a picture of each and every one of the 'welcome to' signs from Florida to New York. I risked my life to get a couple of the shots.

One of my favorite parts of the trip, a riverboat ride in Alexandria Bay, NY. The boat takes you up in to Canada, the only way we could go without a passport.

Marsh and Daron enjoy the view.

Boldt Castle.

Total Strangers.

Crazies from out of town.

A dire warning.

The Liberty Bell, Philadelphia.

The kids and Tony, our travel guide with the Philadelphia Duck Tours. If you haven't heard the song "Philadephia Freedom" sung in awhile, you need to go see Tony.

Meet me South of the Border, the Twilight Zone of 'theme parks'.

One of Daron's friends at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

In 2006, The National Aquarium won a Best of Baltimore award for "Best Over Priced Destination for Families." We think this is a little harsh. I had a great time.

A 'glass' of sweet tea at Phillip's Restaurant at the Harbor.

Next Time: "It's Niagara, Like the Falls"


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Looks like you all had a blast!