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Friday, October 19, 2007

My Daughter Went to Afghanistan and All I Got Was A T-shirt

Recently, I received what is perhaps the highest honor ever bestowed upon me. I was made an honorary member of the PSD and I have the t-shirt to prove it.

As you might remember, "the PSD" (personal security detail) is made up of the young men (and Heidi) who served together in Afstan. Most of them were together the entire 16 months they were deployed to the sandbox. Thick and thin.

MSG Leslie designed the shirt and did the artwork. As far as I am concerned, MSG was, and still is, Heidi's Guardian Angel. My friend, Chris at Florida Design Images, Inc., printed it up. Chris also did the shirts for the Gardez Volleyball Club way back what seems like years ago. Double click the picture to see the shirt better.

All the members of the PSD got one of the shirts, but I bet mine means the most to me. That's me up there, "Kiwi". MSG says it's for 'service to my country'. He has no idea what he and the boys mean to me.

Heidi's Mom

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