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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter at Emeril's, the quick 'trip to Italy' and that's just the way it is.

Do you think someone, somewhere is enjoying the Cadbury eggs I mailed to you two weeks ago for Easter? I hope they are being kind to the peeps.

I am supremely honored to be here and here.

What in heaven's name is this about???? Be patient and all will be revealed.

As you may or may not remember, Diana and Gary drew our name for Christmas this past year. WOW, did they go all out! First, there were the tickets to the Chris Botti concert (fabulous) and then an extremely generous gift certificate to Emeril's. I though perhaps we should wait until you come home to use it, (you WERE to be home for Easter) but then decided we would just go to New Orleans and eat at THAT Emeril's when you come home. What do you think, are you game?

Dad and Marsh discuss politics on the way over to City Walk and whether or not Hilary has a chance in the upcoming election. We took the boat from the Portofino Bay Hotel. Marsh (who has been there at least three times) could not remember having ever been there. Sigh.

Dad was told the reservations were for 6 not 6:30, to make sure we arrived on time. I am positive this tactic will not always work.

Marsh had the steak and a twice-baked potato which everyone decided would be what YOU would have ordered. He gave it two thumbs up.

I had this lovely dish, which believe it or not, is Andouille Crusted (encrusted?)Texas Redfish. I agree. Who would ever think it was fish??? Those are shoe string potatoes, dress shoes as apposed to athletic shoes.

What is andouille? Per Wikipedia, andouille is a spiced, heavily smoked, pork sausage, primarily composed of pig intestines and stomach. Glad I read that today and not yesterday. The recipe was brought to the New World by the French colonists of Louisiana and Cajun andouille is the best-known variety in the United States. Cajun andouille is made of the butt or shank meat and fat, seasoned with salt, cracked black pepper, garlic and smoked over pecan wood and sugar cane for up to seven or eight hours. The resulting sausage is used in a wide range of Louisiana dishes, such as gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and étouffée. LaPlace, Louisiana has proclaimed itself the Andouille Capital of the World, and holds a huge festival in October of each year.

After our delicious dinner, Marsh and Daron 'motored' around our little 'piece of Italy'. Both are still miffed they missed out on the real thing last October. I told the munchkins you would make it up to them. Don't bother to thank me. Double click the picture and see Daron's sweet face. She looks like a French movie star.

Will he ever learn how to drive? I think my nerves won't take it.

Sunday morning, we visited Tami's church, St. Luke's. The pastor said something I needed to hear and something I won't soon forget. This seldom happens when I am in church, so I wrote it down. "Don't let Easter go by with you still believing, 'Well, this is just the way it is, just the way it has to be'," he said. He was talking about our relationship with God and, I believe, things in general. We don't have to settle for what we think we deserve from life and what sorry relationship with might currently have with God or anybody else, for that matter. All is NOT lost. It is what we make it. I, for one, need to be reminded of this. Perhaps on a daily basis.

More bunnies......

It's apparent I can't get enough of rabbits and bunnies this spring. Remember Patrick, that black and white bunny you got for St. Patrick's Day, way back? How he 'went away to live with the other bunnies'.......

Please visit the bunnies at Angry Alien Productions. I think you will like them. This is a particular favorite of mine ~ look here as the bunnies re-create 007.

Finally, Marsh and Daron, what are they doing? What looks like an ad for teeth whiteners or the possible evils of not flossing, is actually M & D in a room with a black light. Black light? Yep. This was the one picture we took using the flash. Seems their teeth glow in the dark without the flash. Goof balls.



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